Carrying Coals to Newcastle

Mar 27 Jamie Hardesty

Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.

February 4th 2006. I’m 15. Football and NUFC mean more to me than anything else. It’s all I talk about amongst friends, it’s what I do after school each day and it’s what makes weekends worth waking up to. Why? Because I live in Newcastle and unlike most places, all I care about and all anyone cares Casino mit Paysafecard about is NUFC.

Mar 18 Jamie Hardesty

Campo Retro: Shirt Review

So last week the good people at Campo Retro were kind enough to send me one of their shirts to review. Admittedly, I knew very little of Campo Retro before they got in touch. However, having been initially pleasantly surprised by the wide range of retro football shirts they have to offer on their website, I was even more impressed at the quality and style of the shirt I received. 

Feb 2 Jamie Hardesty

Newcastle United: The Disappointment That Just Keeps On Giving

I’m told that writing is therapeutic. Whilst this may be true, I think I’d have to keep writing until I’m old and grey to get over what I witnessed yesterday! I can’t yet face trying to pull my thoughts together. Frankly I’m exhausted. However, we do have an excellent article for your reading pleasure by Birmingham based mag Aidan Fittis. To contribute like Aidan, feel free to get in touch. All submissions are welcomed. 

Jan 28 Jamie Hardesty

I Just Don’t Think You Understand

It is a universally acknowledged truth that Newcastle United Football Club have no ambition. The decision to sell Yohan Cabaye to PSG, 3 days before the transfer window ends, will come as no surprise to Newcastle fans who are more than familiar with Mike Ashley’s approach to running the club.

Aug 19 Jamie Hardesty

What Won’t Happen Tonight: Newcastle v Manchester Ctiy

Well it’s finally here, Newcastle play their first game of the new Premier League season away to Manchester City at The Etihad tonight. Much has been written about our lack of signings, City’s glamorous recruitment and our woeful record against City in recent years. But remember, this is football and anything can happen!

Aug 15 Jamie Hardesty

Carrying Coals invites Arsenal supremo Naz Haque to discuss the upcoming season

With the return of the Premier League now less than 48 hours away, the cure to our withdrawal symptoms is almost in our grasp and finally, sanity can soon be restored! Newcastle fans however will have to wait a little longer of course, as our season kicks off at the Etihad Stadium, against Manchester City, at 8pm Monday night.

Aug 15 Jamie Hardesty

On Papiss’ Predicament: Is Cisse in the Right or in the Wronga?

One story circulating in the press at present is the situation existing between our number 9, Papiss Cisse, and his apparent refusal to wear the Newcastle United shirt, branded by pay day loan lenders Wonga.

Jun 7 Jamie Hardesty

CarryingCoals’ NUFC Player of the Season Award

Before I become engrossed in the off season, wondering and hoping what signings, or lack of, Newcastle will recruit this summer, it seems an appropriate time to look back and assess Newcastle United’s season of discontent. I’ll try not to dig up too many painful memories and instead, to borrow a Roberto Martinez phrase, I’ll ‘take the positives’. So, who was Newcastle’s best player in a season that left me close to admittance to the RVI’s Critical Cardiac Care Unit…

May 10 Jamie Hardesty

When Newcastle United Got The Better Of Fergie

They’re calling it football’s equivalent of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to retire this week has shocked the footballing world, with paper after paper producing a plethora of articles, commemorating the unrivaled achievements of British football’s most successful manager. 

May 7 Jamie Hardesty

Alan Pardew Now In A Lose/Lose Situation This Weekend

With Newcastle gaining a much needed point at West Ham this weekend and perhaps more importantly, Swansea City managing to spectacularly stage a 3-2 comeback win at Wigan this evening, Newcastle now hold the fate of their Premier League future in their own hands. Although whether Alan Pardew’s side are capable of gaining the vital points required remains far from certain…

The league table now looks like this: