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About this blog

My name is Jamie Hardesty and I’m a lifelong, avid supporter of Newcastle United. I’m a history graduate from Newcastle University and I’m currently living in the city. I’m obsessed with Newcastle United and keep up to date with anything and everything to do with the club on a daily basis. This blog exists for the purpose of merging my two passions, football and writing, to create a platform for my own opinions and thoughts.

‘Carrying coals to Newcastle’ is a famous idiom that’s probably a lot more familiar with the older generation of Geordies than the younger. The phrase itself refers to doing something that’s going to take a lot of time and energy for little to no point. As you all should know Newcastle has a rich heritage in coal mining, so much so that getting coal from anywhere else would be pointless. That was until 2004 when ironically, for the first time, Newcastle started importing coal from Russia. This website is built on that irony; although there are many blogs about Newcastle United it doesn’t stop me from wanting to carry my own coals and give my own thoughts.

You can follow me on twitter, @jamiehardesty, where I hound the #bbcfootball newsfeed from time to time…

Any images used are used solely for the purpose of supplementing my articles, I do not own any images used and all are taken from the public domain with the source remaining intact.

A comments system is in place and any opinions or thoughts – mutual or contradictory are encouraged. Enjoy!


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  1. Bry Jefferson / Sep 19 2012

    I like the comments on the Everton away game although you missed out on the uncanny resemblance on Bigirimana looking like any of those guys from the pop disco combo “Imagination”…. or is it just an illusion!!
    Also, are you a bit young to be drinking those big glasses of beer??

    • Jamie Hardesty / Sep 19 2012

      Quite witty for you that!
      And it was only one…

  2. Alexander Diball / Sep 22 2012

    I’ve noticed a few of your comments on Ed’s blog and now the link to your own. I’m an Ed fan, because he tirelessly provides such a great platform for Toon fans to share their views, but I’ll be supporting this blog too from now on.

    It’s a welcome addition.

    • Jamie Hardesty / Sep 22 2012

      There’s no question that Ed’s blog is the most popular and rightly so, I think it’s fantastic. I sent him an email a couple of days ago and I was saying I’m amazed at how much content he provides. Thank you for the support, I really appreciate it.

  3. Howesy / Sep 29 2012

    Nice work Jim. The only thing I can say is, although the name is very clever, it doesn’t clearly indicate it is based on NUFC. Like I say, I like it, but I wouldn’t have known what it meant until I read the ‘About’ page. For the sake of publicity, I’d consider a change.

    Regardless, well written stuff.

    • Jamie Hardesty / Sep 30 2012

      Hey I can understand where you’re coming from. On the home page there is the name of the site, however underneath there is a tagline explaining that it’s a Newcastle United blog. You’ll find most blogs already existing are quite generic in the sense that they each are called, in some variation, Newcastle United blog. My challenge is to be different and standout, most importantly this comes from content but also through the originality of the name. As I’ve said a more mature audience will instantly familiarise with the connotations produced by the name. Personally I don’t think the name has to be synonymous with what the blog does, yet I do see where you’re coming from. Your point about publicity is understood mind – ie if you google search NUFC blog/news for example, however I tag all posts with ‘Newcastle United’ and will eventually be putting the blog through search portals like NewsNow (the UK’s biggest) to reach more audiences. I like the name and I’m going to stick with it.

  4. josh / Aug 16 2013

    Hi Jamie – I’d like to discuss an advertisement opportunity with you.



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