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Jan 11 / Jamie Hardesty

Is Fabricio Coloccini set to leave Newcastle?

Five days ago we heard Coloccini’s father, Osvaldo, claim that his son was ‘dying’ for a return to his hometown club San Lorenzo. Although worries that our captain fantastic was about to jump ship were soon quelled by Marcelo Lombilla, Colo’s agent, who said that the reports were not to be believed, indicating Fabricio would remain very much as a Newcastle player. However, the saga seems to have taken a further twist…


I want curly hair too: Captain Colo is the most recent Newcastle player linked with a move away

Today The Independent have revealed that Coloccini has asked to leave Newcastle and return home to Argentina, signalling an end to his Newcastle United playing days. Although how much truth The Independent article contains certainly remains to be seen. If Coloccini does leave the club, who are undoubtedly currently entrenched in a relegation battle, Newcastle’s car crash season will take an even further plunge.

Reasons FOR a Colo departure:

  1. Father Osvaldo is very much involved in San Lorenzo as a club and  seems convinced his son wants to join him there
  2. Coloccini is a top player, he is the club captain and comes across as an ambitious professional. Throughout 2012 there were whispers of his dissatisfaction of being paired in a substandard defensive partnership. Newcastle have need a top centre half to complement Colo for the past TWO seasons now and still the void has not been filled. I’m not saying this is a direct reason and I doubt Colo would spit his dummy out – he stayed with the club during relegation, however it could contribute to his disagreements with Pardew
  3. Recently there was a bit of a ‘bust up’ between Colo and Pards, something Pardew quickly swept under the carpet but it seems that all isn’t well and we are yet to know the full story. One things for sure though, there does seem to be an element of discontent present.
  4. Form. Whilst Colo has been brilliant at times this season and was of course outstanding at the Stadium of Light, his recent form has dipped. Again this is no reason to leave but we do generally see this happen when players’ heads have been turned or when they have one foot out of the club.

Reasons AGAINST a Colo departure:

  1. He signed a new contract only 6 months ago! He has 4 and a half years left with us, he has committed his future alongside compatriot Jonas Gutierrez and it would be a complete shock to see this as a hollow gesture.
  2. Pardew and the club have reiterated, time and again, that we will not sell ‘big’ players on the cheap. Carroll is the obvious example, we generated £35 million to let him go. San Lorenzo wouldn’t be able to afford the transfer fee we would command as well as Colo’s £70K a week plus wages. It doesn’t seem feasible to me anyway.
  3. We haven’t heard any discontent from Colo, no statements have been released from him and his agent was quick to put down his father’s claims.
  4. Colo is still young in footballing terms as a centre half. He has years at the top left in him. Returning to Argentina and playing at a lower standard seems premature. I do think he’ll end his career there and most likely with his boyhood club although now would be too early.
  5. As previously mentioned – he’s a top professional with commitment in abundance, we see this on the pitch and when he didn’t leave the club during relegation. If he were to leave it would seem out of character leaving half way through the season when the club is in such a precarious league position.


Coloccini played for San Lorenzo in the 2000/01 season

  1. FINAL POINT: This whole saga circulated 5/6 days ago, with primary reports coming from The Mirror and then ESPN. Whilst The Independent are undoubtedly a reputable paper, this could simply be an angle of interest from them. More quotes are coming out of the San Lorenzo camp, with the manager and president declaring interest for Colo. This happens all the time in football, papers feed of this speculation. Perhaps The Independent are filling column space and simply adding fuel to the fire.


This season has been abysmal for us so far let’s be honest. It began in the summer when we didn’t invest enough in to the squad. Injuries amounted, a loss of form ensued and the added burden of the Europa League has affected preparations. We don’t seem to be riding out games like we did last season. Last season we could play badly and win or at least get a result, this year we are playing badly and paying the price. When this happens there’s inevitably that shroud of negativity around the club.

Perhaps in the wake of Ba’s departure we are feeling the pressure and the club is in the spotlight a little more directly. The San Lorenzo camp is making a lot of noise and of course they’d love Colo over there, he’s a top player. Although it’s very much part of the rumour mill at present and it seems papers are latching on to that. I wouldn’t be surprised for thousands of Geordies to get on the bus or metro to work in the morning, pick up the Metro newspaper and read a headline pointing towards Colo’s exit. This will again fuel the panic but we know very little truth so far and it seems he is far from certain to be leaving – despite what you might read.

I don’t think Colo will leave, certainly not in this window anyway. Try not to panic for now.

Final Note:

Get in: Gaeten Bong could be on his way to Newcastle

To leave you with something a bit more concrete and positive, Newcastle have bid for Gaetan Bong – Valenciennes’ Cameroonian left back which could start our transfer dealings in the window. Let’s hope Ba is the only player we lose and we instead bolster a squad desperately in need of additions.

Keep the faith!




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  1. Liam / Jan 11 2013

    I think you’re right when you say he won’t leave this window, think a summer transfer looks the only logical route. San Lorenzo could never afford to buy out his contract and pay him even half what he is on now. It pains me to say it, but he hasn’t looked 100% all season in terms of fitness and has lost pace – but it is still too soon for him to take the lower league, easier football lifestyle.

    We can’t afford to let newspapers get to players and managers – half the squad seem to be bricking it everytime they play. Everyone saw last season when we played Norwich away and played Simpson and Perch at CB – we conceded 4 headed goals. Colo’s prescence would make a difference.

    Final note – Saw something about him putting his house in Jesmond up for sale and that has fuelled the speculation – total bollocks. He has only recently converted his house into an eco-home because he is such a environmental-loving guy.

    • Jamie Hardesty / Jan 11 2013

      Hi Liam, good comment thanks. I agree with what you say here. It would be a shock to see him go in this window for sure.

      As for the house I’d heard about this and decided to omit it from this article, simply because I wasn’t sure about what is going on with it. I’ve heard it’s still being constructed in some parts, which would lead you to believe that it would be unlikely he’d be moving to Argentina! As this is personal and not accessible to the media I didn’t have enough to include it in the article.

      We need Colo here, such a top player.

  2. Kev Irv / Jan 11 2013

    Its certainly a strange one this whole saga and hopefully he will stay at the club but who knows.

    I would have thought the club (Even NUFC!!) would have made some form of statement regarding the matter.

    As for his agent originally rubbishing a move to San Lorenzo id imagine he himself would not have been keen on Colo moving to Argentina as for most parasite agents id think the idea of a decrease in their players wages to frighten the crap out of them.

    Dont know too much about Bong but at present any acquisition feels like a good one with a threadbare squad like ours.

    *ps…This article is a really good read. Ta.

    • Jamie Hardesty / Jan 11 2013

      Yeah you’re right, at the start of the season I thought Colo would be with us until he retired. I really do hope we can hold on to him. Both he and the club and Pardew too haven’t commented on it yet, which again is worrying.
      Thanks for commenting, here’s hoping we bring some players in soon!

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